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"Modern Technology Farming: Locally Grown, Clean, Nutrient Dense Produce"

Welcome to Greenhouse Towers!

Tower Gardens are the next step in evolution of farming in both urban and rural areas. The Tower Garden is a vertical aeroponic growing systems that allows you to grow a wide range of leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. A Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the water of conventional farming and you can grow up to 20 times the produce in the same square footage as you can in soil.

We specialize in making available our fresh, clean, healthy, nutrient dense produce whether you’re in a restaurant, at a local farmer’s market or part of our on line ordering program. We also want to help people know how they can grow their own food at home on their very own Tower Garden.

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Greenhouse Towers

170 Chatham Lodge Lane
State Road, NC 28676
Note: Our greenhouse is next to the historic Klondike Dairy Barn at Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery.


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